Rhyme is a multi-disciplinary interior design, art advisory and design manufacturer based in New York City. The debut company design collection consists of sculptural Irish wool rugs and tapestries that serve as customizable and functional floor art or wall mounted tapestry. Inspired by a 7th century artistic movement that emerged during early Irish monasticism, The Insula Series is a minimalist and contemporary interpretation of swirling motifs and spiral forms typical of this era. Meticulously tufted by hand in rural Ireland, The Trinity Series is a study of organic and sculptural triangular forms and colors. The third collection "The OM Series" is inspired by an ancient "tree" alphabet and explores the power and significance of using certain words to reinforce positive wellbeing in interior design. The new collection Modernity is a homage to the great legacies of Irish designer Eileen Gray and Russian abstract painter Kasimir Malevich.

Rhyme founder Claire McGovern has designed residences, spas, restaurant and office interiors, curated art and design installations and collaborated with many talented designers and artists. Born and educated in Dublin, she has worked as an interior designer, curator and art advisor, embracing the influences of West Coast California to East Coast neoclassical and contemporary style along with her Irish and European heritage. Her entrepreneurial days began in 2002 with an acclaimed art and design gallery evolving into the multi-disciplinary practice she operates today from Brooklyn. Client & company affiliations have included Lexus, Google, Facebook, Design Within Reach and several experimental New York City based lighting design manufacturers. In 2017, she fulfilled a long term objective of realizing a sustainable and authentic design collection made entirely by hand in rural Ireland. Beginning with a series of Irish wool and silk designs, the collection will ultimately become a multi-media array of furnishings dedicated only to the highest quality craftsmanship.

Rhyme Studio is proud to be a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council USA

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