Introducing The Insula Series:

Composed of the finest hand spun pure Irish wool, the debut collection of rugs by Rhyme Studio draws upon the history of ancient art forms and symbols while incorporating traditional techniques of master artisans. The designs will be formally introduced at the first edition of Collective Concept at ICFF in booth 2901 at Javits Center in New York City opening on Sunday May 20.


Fádo, fádo

8' diameter

Hand spun pure Irish wool

The Insula Series continued:

Inspired by Insula Art, an artistic movement that emerged during early Irish monasticism, the series of designs offer a minimalist interpretation of swirling motifs and spiral forms typical of this period of creativity. Often referred to as the age of saints and scholars, the era was considered a golden age for the arts in Ireland.

Introducing five sculpturally graphic designs with the launch collection, each rug evolves from a hand drawn artwork resulting in a series crafted meticulously by hand at every stage in their production. “The desire to express a more contemporary interpretation of classical Irish art whilst celebrating the beauty of irish wool and sustainable craftsmanship provided the foundation for these designs” says designer Claire McGovern.